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Political environment

History of Hungary

In 1000 A.D theHungarian Kingdom was founded by Saint Stephan I

Since 1526 Union with Austria

1541 - 1686 Turkish occupation

1711  Reunion with Austria

1848  Revolution against the Austrian Goverment, crushed in 1849 by Vienna

1867 Austro-Hungarian Compromise, political equality with Austria: the empire is
         titled as ;"Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy" (k.u.k.)

1914  Along with Austria, Hungary enters the World War I, which ends with a defeat
         in 1918

1918  Proclamation of the republic

1919  Communist republic of councillors: dictatorship, known as "Hungarian Soviet

1920  Peace Treaty of Trianon: The territory of Hungary is reduced by three quarters

1920  Re-installation of the Monarchy (without king), regent (for an unnamed King)
         Admiral Horthy,  inner consolidation of economy, but politically the country
         remains in the feudalistic system, partially with a strict autocracy

1938 - 1940 Vienna Award 1938, conquest of Jugoslav territory in the World War II
         leads to a revision of the Treaty of Trianon. Hungary joins Germany in the
         World War II; 1944 beginning of the deportation of Jewish people.
         After the defeat, the country comes under oppressive Russian rule.

1945 - 1946 Re-organisation of the country and re-establishment of the borders of
         1938 (Treaty of Paris)

1947  Expulsion of the population of German origin

1948  Take-over of executive power by the communists

1949  Transformation into a People’s Republic according to Russia’s example;
          Hungary is foundermember of the Comecon and later, in 1955, of the Warsaw

1956  Popular uprising against communist domination, Prime Minister Nagy declares
         Hungary neutral, but the bloody uprising is crushed by the communists; a pro-
         Russian cabinet is  installed with Kadar

1958  Execution of Imre Nagy and other members of the cabinet

Hungary is a founder-member of the council for postwar economic aid under the Warsaw pact

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