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2014 "Deutschland Radio Kultur": His name is a legend - The Hungarian conductor Ferenc Fricsay made a lasting impact on the musical life of post-war Berlin, not only in the west. His orchestra, todays DSO, ...

1960 Rehearsel and concert of Smetana's Moldau
with english subtitles of Fricsay's explanations during the rehearsal ...

Music transfigured: Remembering Ferenc Fricsay
- Gerald Caillats words: Exceptional documents bring to us the legendary Hungarian conductor who died too soon ....

Fricsay's carreer lasted barely 20 years
, .... journalist Bruce Eder, born 1055 in New York City, writes about his impressions and observations ...... articles in periodics and reference books as well as online, additionnally he is a writer and reissue producer in music and motion pictures ...

Loriot's little opera guide:
   DON GIOVANNI ....   When Loriot summarizes the world of opera, no eye remains dry.- We publish the most recent Loriot snippets from the new edition of his opera guide...   Magazine "SIE und ER",   Nr. 18   2005

The Transilluminator:  
Enthusiastically Ferenc Fricsay conducted music by Béla Bartók, written by Wolfram Goertz, March, 17th. 2011

Tribute to Ferenc Fricsay, the conductor
   by Josef Müller-Marein: "We mourn the premature end of an uprising career ...."    "DIE  ZEIT"   1rst of March 1963  ...

December 2016, A street might get the name of the Fricsay family: The manager of the Hungarian State Opera and the Erkel Theater, CEO Szilveszter Ókovács, took the initiative ...

Rehearsal clipping of the Memorial Concert
(Berlin), musical direction by Tugan Sokhiev...

"Exhibition in the opera of Budapest"

"Rondo" composed by Ferenc Fricsay

Rehearsel of Smetanas "Moldau" (1960)
 on Youtube (english subtitle)

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